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Our Dead World 2001
Featured poets 3

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Fuscia Petals Against Midnight Rain

hand, in yours
down river, walking
longingly searching
for daydreams past
'are you alright?'

playing emotions
struggling heart
giving to want, yet
fighting to remember

saddened stuborness
taken over by life
the sweetness in the sun
that shines above
what could be
what would be

despite coldness
a darkness dancing
replacing deception,
hope restored
in yours, I want
to shine

holding smiles
for that perfect day
our world encompassed
by you and me
fuscia petals against midnight rain

Kelly Edmiston 2000.

Saving Grace

Look at the angel brought down to this
Scars so deep you can't see them on the surface
She holds out her broken heart
Rivers of blood, rivers of blood on the carpet
Invisible to anyone but us
I can see it, see her grief; new to her, old to me
It looms above her head like a cloud
Dark, grey, threatening, loud.
Familiar scenes, so many turned sour -
Why do they come to me?
"Save me" she says, looking pathetic, trying to be brave.
We sit across from each other, me and Grace
I reach out a hand and trace
The sticky trail of tears down her face
With my fingertips.
I take her broken heart and patch it up
With sellotape,
Place it back in her chest, dispel the cloud of grief
With air freshener. I pat her knee, say
"It'll be okay."
I hoover up the blood
And send her on her way.

Jennifer Pickup 2001

Our Dead World 2000.