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Our Dead World 2001

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"The beat writers traveled the world, finding the beauty hidden in what most discarded as an otherwise abandoned and desolate wasteland of a planet. Their words paint beautiful landscapes of thought, and we should be grateful that every generation will be able to reap the benefits of such a gift."

Kid astronauts dream rebel symphonies:

Poets currently featured -

Robert Bohm
Kelly Edmiston
Martin Rutley
Micheal M. Johnson
April Fresh
Jennifer Pickup
Julia Cramer
Velvet Scythe
Wendy A. Howe
Micheal Roberts
Instant Paradox
Viki Ackland
Dawn Anne Hall
Phillip Howe
Penelope Talbert
Kyle Anne Kish
Phillip Clay Wilkerson
John Kidd

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I went to a show that night, saw how badly one picture was written, and decided that I would write for a living rather than shovel dough in a blasting-furnace factory - Jack Kerouac, The Birth of a Socialist

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Michael Bowen - Lennon Cold Turkey

The current theme is: Do we all eventually sell out?

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Our Dead World 2000.